Talking to Kids about Violence

Difficult Subject Matter

Tampa Licensed Psychologist Dr. Stacey Scheckner sits down with WTSP 10News reporter Phil Buck to discuss talking to kids about race, police shootings and the Dallas attack.

First, find out what your child knows and then you want to go from there,”

said Dr. Scheckner.

Find out how they feel about it, find out where they heard it from, and find out what questions they have. You don’t want to give them answers that they’re not even seeking. Then, with younger children, you probably don’t want to say anything to them depending on who else they’re in contact with, if they’re going to hear it at all, or if they have access to the media, which, of course, they shouldn’t at younger ages. So you might not want to say anything to them.”

Original article published on July 8th, 2016: Full article →

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